iPhone’s Pros and Cons.

I was a deep rooted Samsung telephone client. Throughout the previous ten years, I have utilized different Samsung telephones. I never comprehended why individuals love the iPhone until I began utilizing one.

I generally used to imagine that the iPhone is second rate compared to Samsung Android gadgets in light of the fact that Samsung leader telephones have more remarkable equipment than the iPhone. In any case, presently I’m utilizing an iPhone for quite a while; I came to understand the iPhone is way better compared to Samsung or other Android telephones. That doesn’t imply that the iPhone doesn’t have any disadvantages.

In this article, I will examine every one of the significant upsides and downsides of an iPhone from my experience.

Stars of iPhone:

These are the stars of an iPhone.


iPhone is natural and simple to utilize. Many individuals gripe that the iPhone isn’t adjustable, yet that is its excellence. By all accounts, iOS is straightforward yet simple to utilize — anybody from youthful to old can utilize it unafraid of innovation. Be that as it may, underneath this straightforwardness, iOS is the most remarkable portable working framework on the earth.

Excellent Design:

iPhone is the pioneer for telephone plan. Each telephone maker follows the iPhone’s plan lead. Apple designed the touchscreen telephone. The iPhone originally carried the full bezel to bezel screen then everybody imitated it. They additionally first to eliminate the earphone jack that now everybody duplicates. iPhone likewise brought the primary bidirectional port — lighting link. Later as a reaction, different organizations planned and executed the USB-C port.


Apple consistently gives the best quality camera in its iPhone.

High Build Quality:

From the very first moment, each iPhone’s assemble quality is superb. It’s glass, and metal plan shows you how premium an iPhone is. No other telephone producer can coordinate with the put-togetherness on an iPhone. As of late significant android telephone maker has begun to give a telephone better form quality.

Top Security:

iPhone’s security is better than Android telephones. It’s normal to hear in the news that law authorization organizations are having inconvenience to open an iPhone of an expected crook. However, did you at any point read any report that the FBI or Police are having inconvenience to open an Android telephone? The appropriate response is no. iPhone is the most solid telephone on earth.

Astounding Performance:

No portable working framework can beat the exhibition of the iOS — iPhone’s working framework. It’s normal news where an old iPhone beats or matches the exhibition score of another Android lead telephone. In addition, an iPhone performs better on execution scores with lesser equipment than a leader android gadget. It’s a delight to utilize an iPhone. The general responsiveness, ease, and moderate OS configuration is mind blowing in the iPhone.

Exchanging between applications, opening, and shutting applications, looking over, and so forth is extremely satisfying on the iPhone. Actually, an Android gadget battles to perform without a hitch. Another Android gadget might do everything smoothly, except following a couple of months, the Android gadget will battle to do everything easily. This is my experience. At the point when I purchased a Galaxy S7 edge, it was awesome. Yet, following a couple of months, I began to see unevenness in the Samsung Android OS. Quick forward two years, this Galaxy S7 Edge is currently unusable. Opening or exchanging between applications takes everlastingly; recording a video for five minutes makes the telephone extremely hot, GPS doesn’t work as expected, applications crash routinely, and numerous different issues. Though, an old iPhone never will produce these issues.

Incessant Software Updates:

Apple constantly gives programming updates to its old iPhones. Regardless of whether it is a five years of age iPhone, you will get an update. Contrast that with Samsung. I utilized numerous Samsung telephones. Samsung quits giving programming refreshes after simply 18 to two years.

No App Crash:

My last telephone was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. On that telephone, my Google Maps was smashing a ton. I was unable to fix this accident issue. Later I understood that the Facebook application on my telephone is causing this issue. Facebook is utilizing a huge measure of capacity and RAM, which dials back the telephone as well as aims other applications to crash. In Galaxy S7 Edge the Facebook was preinstalled by Samsung. Along these lines, I was unable to even uninstall it.

The applications crash in Android as often as possible. Nonetheless, the iPhone application won’t ever crash. The memory the board framework on the iPhone is excessively acceptable to the point that It doesn’t make any difference the number of applications are open; no application will at any point crash.

Malware Free:

iPhone is altogether sans malware. Apple firmly controls its application store. Apple screens each application prior to permitting it in the App Store. There’s no chance a malware could pass this screening system. Also, Apple’s iOS security is excellent to forestall any sort of safety weakness presented by outsider applications.

In actuality, the Google Play Store doesn’t have any checking cycle. Google permits any application to be distributed in the App Store. Along these lines, in case you are not cautious in regards to which application you are introducing in your telephone, you might actually wind up introducing malware.

No Bloatware:

Apple doesn’t disturb its clients with uninstallable bloatware on the iPhone. Each iPhone accompanies an incredible schedule, email customer, maps, and other valuable applications. On the off chance that you don’t care for any preinstalled applications, you can without much of a stretch uninstall it and let loose iPhones memory.

Then again, Samsung and other android telephones come preinstalled with copied applications. For instance, If you purchase a Samsung telephone, it would come preinstalled with Google applications like Google Email, Chrome, YouTube, Google AppStore, and so forth Simultaneously, Samsung additionally preinstalls its applications like Samsung Email, Samsung Web Browser, Samsung AppStore, SmartThings, and so on On top of this, Samsung likewise preinstalls other supported outsider applications like Flipboard, Facebook, and so on These extra applications can’t be uninstalled all things considered.

This shows how the iPhone is prevalent in the No Bloatware classification.

Magnificent Battery Life:

iPhones have the best battery the executives framework than some other portable working framework available.

Allow me to give you an illustration of the iPhone’s battery the executives framework. On Android gadgets, on the off chance that I turn on the GPS and mood killer the screen, the GPS will exhaust the battery. However the screen is off and I’m not utilizing any application, the GPS actually runs behind the scenes. It is the client’s obligation to wind down GPS if not required. Everybody doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this — particularly more established individuals who are not well informed.

Then again, on the iPhone, you can’t handle anything with respect to GPS. The iPhone working framework thoroughly takes care of you to wind down on or turn the GPS on a need premise. Also, you can handle the GPS authorization for applications on a granular level. This general framework moderates the iPhone battery charge longer.

Apple Pay:

You can pay anyplace with Apple Pay. No compelling reason to convey a charge card any longer. With the exception of the iPhone, no other telephone maker has a sound installment framework that rivals Apple Pay. I think about Samsung Pay, yet its presentation is powerless contrasted with Apple Pay.



Businesswoman standing in office and using her mobile phone. Focus on smart phone in hand of a female wearing casuals.



High Resale Value:

The resale worth of the iPhone is higher than tantamount Android leader telephones.


The most amazing aspect of possessing an iPhone is Apple’s environment. Macbooks, Airpods, Apple TVs, iMacs, everything work flawlessly. Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Facetime, Airdrops, and so forth works flawlessly among iPhones and Macs. Then again, information and filesharing between various android gadgets are not consistent.

Top notch Apps:

The applications accessible for iPhone on Apple AppStore is superior to applications accessible on Google PlayStore. To create an application for iOS gadgets, you need an iPhone and a Mac PC. Also, Apple’s application store engineer expense is just multiple times higher than Google’s. This high beginning expense boundary keeps some inferior quality application designers from composing an application for the iPhone.

Cons of iPhone:

These are the cons of an iPhone from my experience.


iPhones are overrated. Indeed, even an iPhone that came two years prior is more exorbitant than another top of the line Android lead gadget. Indeed, iPhone’s client experience and equipment coordination with the product are superior to android telephones. However, this doesn’t legitimize the high iPhone costs.

No Headphone Jacks:

However more OEMs are embracing this no earphone jack pattern, actually having a 3.5mm earphone jack makes life simpler. iPhone accompanies just one lighting port. I can either charge the iPhone or pay attention to music. I can’t do both simultaneously. I realize that I can utilize an AirPods, yet that is costly. The least estimated Airpod costs $160 as of composing this article. Outsider Bluetooth earphones are expensive as well.

Not Customizable:

An android telephone is exceptionally adjustable. Introducing custom ROM and establishing an android gadget is extremely simple. Besides, an outsider application, custom launcher, and gadget establishment is direct. On the iPhone, this load of things are unrealistic. iPhone’s gadget framework is second rate. Establishing an iPhone — jailbreaking — is very hard. So, the iPhone isn’t adjustable in any way.

Costly Accessories:

There’s no question that iPhone adornments are expensive. Airpods, telephone cases, Apple pencil, lightning link, and so on whatever is made by Apple is extravagant.

No Torrent Client:

Try not to be shocked perusing this that on the iPhone, all deluge customers are prohibited. BitTorrent, Vuze, µTorrent, and so on all are restricted. There is no simple way of downloading the deluge documents on the iPhone.

No External Apps or AppStore:

You need to introduce each App from Apple Appstore. There is no legitimate way of downloading and introduce an App from the web other than Apple Appstore. For instance, in Android, if an application is prohibited from google play store — KeepVid — however you need the application, you can download the application APK from a confided in source and introduce it. You can likewise introduce an outsider application store, for instance, Amazon AppStore, which has many thousands

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