House of Holland’s Top 8 capsule




The graffiti artisan angry appearance artist and the latest Top 8 collaborator.

 Claw Money adapted the apple of accessible art as the aboriginal changeable graffiti artisan to coact with brands like Nike and Calvin Klein, breaking assimilate a male-dominated mural with an overarching faculty ability and raw talent.

 Gold has back gone on to amalgamate her two passions - graffiti and appearance – as a stylist, a appearance administrator for Blackmail annual and a beneficiary of attenuate best pieces.

Now she has focused all that aptitude on her bound accumulating for Abode of Holland’s Top 8 capsule.

 Here's a attending at an boilerplate day for CLAW$.





I charge my coffee in the morning! I'm cool bad-tempered back I get off the alternation from my flush commute. I go beeline to Puerto Rico Coffee in the Essex Artery Market,  love their latest blends.

Then it’s time to accessible the shop. I sit bottomward to organize the mail and packages, hopefully some accommodate best sunglasses - my passion, to abrasion or resell.  I feel like you can abrasion actually annihilation but if you accept on a hot brace of shades you attending like a actor bucks!


After addition out if my new/old purchases charge some all-important TLC (which they usually do - actuality age-old and all that), I arch over to Sol Moscot Opticians, a Delancey Artery fable and New York Burghal staple. They consistently accept the best admonition and advice on convalescent my treasures as they are chatty in all things eyewear.


Now athirst for lunch, I hit up Dudley’s (Orchard and Broome Streets) for their Bronte burgers or their appetizing rice bowls, depending on my mood. Abutting aperture is An-Choi my added go-to, the best for Vientmense in the neighborhood. Their vibe makes you feel like you aloof absolved bottomward a abstruse aisle beeline into Saigon - abundant for a abstruse affair or aloof absent to escape the NYC accordance for a few.  



After my abdomen is abounding - who wants to go aback to work! So let’s ankle on bottomward to Extra Butter (Allen Street, btwn Delancey and Rivington Streets) and to see what is bustling with all the new crazy sneakers. Anon beyond the artery (from the back entrance which I use to accomplish a quick getaway) is Max Fish, the watering aperture I accept been acquaintance for the aftermost 20 years or so and I get absorbed in by all the accustomed faces. While bubbler my cocktail I realize- OMG, I accept to go aback to work.

Return aback to my retail store Claw & Co (Delancey Artery and Ludlow) accomplishment up all the affairs at duke and afresh I alarm my bedmate and acquaint him I am activity to be backward because I’m a little addled and now craving again. I arch to the delicious Bacaro (on Analysis Street), which additionally has the best wine account in all of city and their absurd zucchini blossoms are the absolute most scrumptious food on earth. I adulation activity to Analysis Artery so I can see my accompany at Dah Shop, the bisected club house, bisected bike boutique on the block. Bisected my agents is consistently in there on their time off.

Hugs and kisses for all and now alarm me a car - I'm done!