Nike’s New NYC Garage

NIKE WHQ // Beaverton, OR // January 4th, 2018

nike HQ


Claw forth with 16 added internationally acclaimed artist were asked to leave their mark on the NYC aggressive Nike Garage.

As you ability expect, the 6 akin barn draws afflatus from the antic ancestry of NYC. Each level of the barn celebrates one of New York City’s able sports franchises. The awfully ample axial courtyard is fabricated up of basketball, futsal and handball courts.

Artists who contributed to the activity are Stash, SP One, CHINO BYI, FAUST, Grotesk, Felipe Pantone, GOREY, DAIM, Tones One, Gary Stranger, Yoon Hyup, SPETO, Nardstar*, Paola Delfin, Hueman and Ashley Montague.

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